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Oct 28
outdoor Gangbang

A hot spanish chic came up to me and asked if i wanted to participate in a 15-1 outdoor gangbang.  What is a guy to do: Duhhhh! We all got naked and fucked the heck out of this spanish chic and she couldnt get enough.  Outdoor Gangbangs were her type of pleasure as we ate her pussy and took her for a wild ride.

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Oct 21
shy college girl

Shy college girls impress me the most.  They act very innocent like they haven’t got a clue but they are smarter then the average whore.  This brunette shy college girl has lovely breats and a face to match, and i wish i could beat off all over her tummy because its so soft.

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Oct 14
boob job model

This Blonde gets hre Huge Boobs covered in Jizz;  She shows off her round mellons squeezing them onto a hard dick and making sure she rubs every inch of that cock with her huge boobs.  Her titty fuck was so good this gentleman could not contain his load at all.  He splooged all over her DD’s leaving an expensive pearl necklace

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Oct 7
Cheating Office Sex

One man gets even and catches his woman having sex at the office.  His cute little vixen of a gf takes a lunch break and he has a cam waiting for her to go stray.  His suspicions are confirmed when he finds her riding a big black cock for lunch.  She gets busted and dosen’t know what to do.

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Oct 1
Jenni Apples

Jenni Apples is at it again.  This time she is wearing nothing but blue.  Blue stocking with strips and a tight fitting blue top that shows off her round c cup boobs.  Jenni is quite the stripper as she slowly takes off her blue jean shorts and and shirt, leaving only her striped blue stockings.  She is a super hot brunette in those for sure.

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